Worlds Apart

  • Book, Lyrics and Music by Christian Duhamel
  • Inaugural Recipient of Music Theatre Ventures’ Young Creator’s Award

Full-length Musical
5 W; 1 M

Worlds Apart explores the afterlives of two feisty women (Bella Rawhide and Timber Kate) who worked as dancers on the western burlesque circuit in the late 1800s. Their restless spirits make contact with Skyler Spring, a young composer in the present day who is trying to find her voice in the theatre world. Set in an empty a theatre in Spokane, Washington, these three characters struggle to come to terms with the past, present, and future as the young composer returns home after an unsuccessful attempt at life in the Big Apple, and the two dancers rehearse for the performance of their lives.

I Journeyed West

Featuring Lauren Marie Smith
Presented by New Voices


Featuring Christian Duhamel