The Girl Who Turned Into a Feather

Full-length play, drama
4 W; 0 M

Laurie is a successful architect and single mother raising her teenage daughter in Colorado Springs. But behind her well-crafted façade, she struggles to connect with those closest to her, especially her daughter, Jocelyn. To cope with the discord and maintain a sense of control, Laurie relies on bourbon and Xanax. When her assistant, Kendra, begins inexplicably transforming into an inanimate object, Laurie’s life begins to unravel, forcing her to face a transformation that hits much closer to home.


The Girl Who Turned Into a Feather recently received a staged reading in Chicago as a part of Something Marvelous’ festival season. The reading was directed by Allyce Torres and the cast featured (clockwise from upper left) Priya Mohanty, Ilse Zacharias, Alexa Eldridge, and Jennifer Adams.